Photo's by, Christina Greer and some other awesome people 

Tyler Lazzarevich (T-Bear) The newest addition to ZenKali from Benicia, CA. This Benician has been hitting things with sticks most of his life. (Some will even call it drumming)
He is high energy, fun to watch and influenced by any kind of noise you can imagine. 

Sandra Cory (Poppit) Born an original valley girl from SoCal, transplanted to NorCal in 2005. She started her musical adventure at 16 with the acoustic guitar and then fell in love with the bass in 2006 (and another bass player in 2010) Her influences are a combination of old skool punk, like the Sexpistols, Ramones + 2 Tone Ska/Reggae like The Beat, The Specials, the Police + pop punk like Blink182, GreenDay  and a dash of Big Band / Rockabilly like Brian Setzer. 

Glen Greer (Glennigans) Singer from Oakley, CA who happens to look pretty good holding a guitar around other musicians. 19 years of guitar experience (with about 7 years of being any good at it) Glen’s best skill is still his booming baritone voice, which some have referred to as booming and in the baritone range. Influences include Barenaked Ladies, R.E.M. and the Beatles, Steve Page, Steve Harwell and on a strong ego day, Frank Sinatra.  

Bill Cory (Dolla) originally a surf punk from Malibu, CA spent the beginning of his musical journey as a bass player for the band The Uninvited under Atlantic records. Since there cannot be two bass players, Bill moved over to guitar for ZenKali. He is influenced by many musicians and many “other” things. Mike Watt, James Jamerson, Mykal Nelson, the Specials, The Dickies, The Ramones, 7 Seconds, The English Beat, just to name a few.

Ben Badura (D3th5t4r) East Bay native with 26 years of experience on the trumpet. Ben brings his unique blend of jazz, ska, and funk to the group. His influences in ska groups like Real Big Fish and Mighty Mighty Bosstones. He also is influenced by horn players Maynard Ferguson and Arturo Sandoval.